Feign Inferiority, Encourage Arrogance

"The supreme art of header design is to subdue the audience without effort." —Sun Tzu

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.
Sun Tzu

If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near.
—Sun Tzu

When in doubt, attack Geoff.
—Sun Tzu

All excellent advice. Truly, Sun Tzu was wise in the art of war.

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In VGHS, It’s All About the Game

Law ready for this?

I’m entirely unashamed to confess being a fan of Rocket Jump’s comedy webseries Video Game High School, even if the final whispered words to escape namby-pamby Brian D’s charred lips ought to have been, “I fought The Law and The Law won.”

The board game adaptation, coming from the talented folks at Plaid Hat Games, is filled to the brim with references to the show. Good gameplay, on the other hand? Well…

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Unemployment is a Laughing Matter

Department of Workforce Services: hip!

I once had a job interview where I accidentally let slip my identity as a devout Roman Catholic. This was apparently a real mark in my favor, as the interviewer was also Catholic — right until I stuttered out that I wasn’t actually.

“Not actually what?” she asked.

“Not, um… I’m not actually Catholic,” I replied.

The look on her face. Jeez. You have no idea how much I wish I were just trying to be funny right now.

Anyway, Funemployed! is a game about that, except played for laughs instead of a lifetime of cringes. Come on in and we’ll talk about it.

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Django Detrained

Why hello, Western archetypes. Been a while.

What’s the Western really about? Glad you asked. That’s one of my favorite questions. Ahem. Picture, if you would, the friscalating dusklight, making pillared shadows from a ghost town’s boot hill; the rich purples and scattershot crimsons of the evening silhouetting the lone stranger, Winchester thrown over his shoulder and horse led by a braided cord long worn smooth, the—

What’s that? You don’t have the time for this?

Well then. Fine. Colt Express it is.

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Pax Eklundia

And we're back, after a much-needed break, to Dan being inordinately proud of his ability to stitch together other people's artwork.

“The Borderlands.”

If that makes you picture that darn video game series, get out. Right now. Just git. If, on the other hand, you picture something out of a Cormac McCarthy novel, windswept and sun-beaten, rolling clouds of dust over shimmering broken earth, set to the hum of lawlessness and opportunism — well, then you just might be the sort of person to appreciate Phil and Matt Eklund’s Pax Porfiriana.

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Best Week 2014, Staff Mutiny!

Wait, what's going on? Wee Aquinas, is that— [muffled scuffling]

Ah. Hello. You were probably expecting Dan, weren’t you? I can tell by the facial tics projected through your webcam that you’re a little surprised by this turn of events — after all, hasn’t Best Week 2014 come to an end?

No. It has not. Because we’re in charge now. And this only ends when we say it ends.

Don’t worry, Dan will be fine. Brain damage on par with a night of heavy drinking, or maybe drowning for a few minutes. So let’s just call this a guest submission. Because we, the undersigned, are not content with Dan’s tyrannical “Top Thirty” list, or whatever he’s calling his puppet regime these days. We merely aim to correct his errors with the actual top games we played this year.

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Best Week 2014, Day Five!

As you can see, Wee Aquinas is very happy that Best Week is nearly done.

At long last, here we are. The top six games of the Space-Biff! year, sort of sorted into a coherent list of preference.

Appropriately, every single one of them contains zombies.

Okay, that was a big damn lie. Only some of them contain zombies.

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Best Week 2014, Day Four!

Thursday: a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Why thirty?” someone asked me long ago, on Monday. “Why a top thirty, and not a twenty-five? Or a ten? Or a fifty?”

And honestly? It’s because I think thirty is one of the most underrepresented numbers among our generation. Anyone can do a top ten, or  a top twenty-five, or a top fifty. But a top thirty?

Only on Space-Biff! Literally.

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Best Week 2014, Day Three!

Wednesdays are for deeply contemplating the enormity of your commitment to Best Week.

Fun (And Informative) Best Week 2014 Fact: One particular publisher has been highlighted every day of Best Week so far, and will be highlighted again today. Can you spot which one it is? Five space pennies for the victor, and off with the heads of the losers.

Yes, all of them. Off with all their heads.

Good luck, gladiator. If you won’t do it for your country, do it for your head.

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Best Week 2014, Day Two!

Wee Aquinas is already sick of this tradition.

Another day, another gaggle of six of the best games we played this year. It’s Best Week 2014, and today we’re playing mancala, flicking some monsters, and programing the weeks to come.

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