In case you were confused, the current title of this blog refers to a futuristic socking of a jaw, not to an intrepid starfarer. So I am not Space-Biff. I am Dan Thurot. I also go by “The Innocent” in games and on forums and such.

I plan to use this blog to write about stuff. Mostly PC games, but probably some movies or board games will get thrown in there at some point. We’ll figure out what it’s all about as we go along.

Slobber not a necessary aspect of space-biff.

A real-life example of a space-biff.

UPDATE: 8 January 2013

“As we go along” I said. Well, it’s been a year and four months since I began Space-Biff!, and I think I have a better grasp of what it is. It’s just me, talking about things I like to talk about, about eight times per month. In 2011-2012, I wrote about 17 board games, 62 video games, and 9 miscellaneous topics. I suspect I’ll be shifting a touch — just a touch — in favor of board games, because I like them better these days. I’ll also maybe actually write about some TV or movies or something. Maybe.


  1. I submit the slobber is a necessary component of space-biff.

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